Griderz Zwicky - Second Life Breedables


Not just a website but a door to new and exciting adventures that have just begun!

Our Griderz™ team goal is to focus on creating virtual breedable creatures that bring you a fun, (NO CHORE) experience. Griderz™ virtual pets are easy to take care of and more affordable than others. Plus our breedables also contain optimized code which combines the maximum amount of functionality with the minimum amount of script memory needed to do the task. During creation all scripts are checked for server usage and all major CPU intensive code is combined to run in short bursts which allow the breedable to run 99% of the time at a very low .007 micro seconds or less.


Zwicky In-World: 9798
Zwicky Male In-World: 1479
Zwicky Female In-World: 8319