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Happy 2nd Birthday Griderz Zwicky!

It's the 2nd anniversary of the arrival of the Griderz Zwicky from their home dimension! We're having a party to celebrate at the main Griderz store here »


Come join us for some free Zwicky door prizes and meet me Griderz Luv, the co-creator of the Zwicky Breedable Creature. I hope to see every Zwicky owner there so I can meet you personally to thank you for your continued nurturing of our breedable aliens. Come see the newest special breed created just for our anniversary, the Binary Zwicky!


I hope to see you there!


Big Griderz Zwicky Hugz!

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Zwicky In-World: 9798
Zwicky Male In-World: 1479
Zwicky Female In-World: 8319