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Zwicky 2.01 has been released!

After many months of hard work the newest version of Zwicky have arrived!

Update 2.01 is here and available at our main store at Flyrt.

Upgrading up to 2.01 will take a little work but is well worth it!

I've created a update pack with all the tools needed to transfer your old Zwicky food out of the v1 orbs and into the new v2 orbs...

Bug fixes, code optimization and many new cool features await...

New features include group feed food orbs...

Stat chat control, built into the new v2 Zwicky Orbs...

You only need one Zwicky Orb with Notice On to see stats displayed in owner say, plus you can 'see' when new babies arrive if you enable IM On! With this enabled the stat chat will be sent to your IM allowing you to get birth notices sent to your email address...

Magnets can now call your Zelly Flowers...

Zwicky have seasonal farts ;)

Let's see what else you can find? 

Please share your feature discoveries with the Zwicky community in group chat.

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Angel Zwicky are here!

The Angel Zwicky are coming to town! All babies born from December 21st until Pat shuts them off will be Special "Angel" Zwicky breed!

Happy Holidays from Griderz!

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We're Fallin' for Zwicky!

The Fall breed is here! All new Zwicky born for the next few days will be Fall Zwicky with their pretty fall leave skins!

Enjoy the new Special!

There's more to come later!



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Version 2.01 Pre-Release Info!

A new version of Griderz Zwicky is on the way!

It's in the final testing phase and will be released to limited live beta very soon...

If you would like to participate in the Griderz Zwicky 2.01 Live Beta Program please fell free to contact me ( Zwicky Creator aka Griderz Luv ) inworld...

When live beta is over free updaters will be available at our main store

I will post news here when it's released!


Big Griderz Hugz!

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Zwicky Update Version 1.18 Released!

Exciting news! Griderz just released the latest Zwicky updater version 1.18! What's new you may ask?

1) API helper code was installed for the aftermarket boxing systems. Code to label Special Zwicky has been added. All Specials will be labled with code number 25....

2) We unlocked old mood code in the Zwicky which was last seen active in early beta testing! This allows Zwicky to express their anger and aggression out on each other! Earlier code was locked in beta because of a chain reaction issue. Chain reactions are now limited due to Zwicky timeout code. Unlocking this code also elevates the overall activity level of all Zwicky so you may notice some chaotic behavior in your version 1.18 Zwicky.

3) Older Zwicky grow longer center tails! Once a Zwicky reaches a certain age their tail will grow longer. Tails can be one of 3 lengths, regular ( Young Zwicky), medium and long. This is not a special trait, just a new age indicator...


A new food orb/magnet has been released. Note: The current Zwicky Food Orbs in vendor packs have a minor bug. After calling Zwicky By Breed the chat listener does not close. To close it manually open the Magnet menu and choose By Name and type in xxx and press enter. This will close the listener. If you find you have one of these defective orbs just let your Zwicky drain it and pick up a new empty from the main store giver. Those have been fixed! We will reload the server with the fixed orbs asap...


And last but not least we've released a new Zwicky Zelly Flower version 1.2! This new version will not die! No more black gloomy blooms floating around! Once a Zelly flower has used up all the Zipper spores it will present its mature bloom and no longer need to eat! Note: The flowers will still need a Zwicky orb to home in on. Another added bonus is the mature flowers will be transferable so you can trade or sell your flower collection!

We hope everyone enjoys the new features and functions!


Griderz Luv

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