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Griderz main store back in business!

I'd like to thank everyone for hanging in there while Pat and I have been away. I setup a new main store at Flyrt and we're up and running again! Here's the slurl ---->

If you haven't stopped by yet come get your free customer appreciation gift, it's a free food refill 400 and one 365 day life extender for that special Zwicky you want to live an extra long time!

Once again, thanks for being so loyal and I hope to see you around the store from time to time :)

Big Hugz!

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Special Announcement

I have a very special announcement for all Zwicky breeders! Top Alien Grey Scientists have informed me that a wormhole has just opened up linking our 'Milkyway' Galaxy with ‘I Zwicky 18’ Galaxy! This is exciting news because now rare trait Zwicky can cross over more easily from their dimension! So be on the lookout for some hot new baby Zwicky!


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Version 1.16 Update Released!

We've just released the latest update version 1.16 for your Zwicky! As usual it's not a critical update but just a new version which allows us to create some new items for your Zwicky to use. First new product is the Gamma Burst Orb, this allows breeders to trigger hyper growth in all their baby Zwicky within a 40 meter radius! We hope you enjoy the ability to get a head start on breeding your Zwicky with this new product!

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3000th Zwicky Inworld!

Congrats to Roth Grut for having the 3000th Zwicky! He will be receiving a 3000L$ prize for this exciting milestone! Thanks to everyone in the Zwicky community who have made this possible!

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Then there was LIGHT!

Congrats to Zwicky owner Haans Vuckovic! He's the proud owner of the first known
Zwicky with the trait of Luminessence! So keep your eyes open for the rare traits, you
could be next!

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Zwicky In-World: 9929
Zwicky Male In-World: 1491
Zwicky Female In-World: 8438