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Zwicky Update 1.13 Released!

Don't follow me I'm lost!
Zwicky now have Follow! Adult version 1.13 Zwicky now have the feature Follow on the menu! Touch the Zwicky you want to follow you and choose Follow On from the menu.
The Zwicky will then follow you around your parcel, Zwicky will not follow you across parcels not owned by the same owner as their rezz parcel. They will let you know when you've gone somewhere they can't follow. We hope you enjoy this fun new feature!

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2500th Zwicky Inworld!

Congrats to Hawk Birdsong for breaking the 2500th Zwicky barrier! For this milestone Hawk will be receiving 2500L$! Thanks also goes out to everyone who helped us get to this new level!

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2000th Zwicky Creature Milestone!

Congrats to Sweetheart Baskerville for being the owner of the 2000th Zwicky Creature! She will be awarded 2000L$ for this exciting milestone! Thanks to all who have made this possible!

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Griderz first breedable! The Griderz Zwicky!

From idea, to code base, to creature modeling, to feature additions, to testing, to testing, and to more testing! Zwicky creatures are in their final production stages! This is all possible thanks to our awesome alpha/beta testing crew! Adding input and pushing the code to the limits, they donated much of their time helping us debug these virtual pets! What's left now is a breedable with charm, curiosity, socialness and attitude all rolled into one! The genetic code is just as complex as their attitudes. They can be bred for pureness of breeds or mixed and matched in an infinite combination of Hybrid types and colors! Don't forget, the girls also love to have fighting matches! Quote from one of our beta testers, "I love just sitting and watching them fly all around me, gliding and darting from one spot to another like fish in an aquarium. It's so relaxing after a long hard day to come here and enjoy their company, it's so cool how they all come up to me one by one and give me a kiss!"

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Zwicky In-World: 9929
Zwicky Male In-World: 1491
Zwicky Female In-World: 8438