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Happy 8th Birthday Zwicky!


May 14th 2019 is the Zwicky's 8th birthday! Contact Griderz Luv inworld and see what happens...

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Happy to see the Zwicky alive and well in SL!

Hello to all Zwicky breeders! It's been a while since I've been here! But the Zwicky have lived on in SL even without my presence. From their release date back in 2011 the Zwicky have been entertaining many owners. I hope all the new owners enjoy them as much as I have and the many past owners as well. Feel free to chat with me or others on the Zwicky Chat group! Take care and big Griderz Hugz!

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New Update Coming Soon!

Version 2.03 has been in beta for a couple months now and we're finalizing the code changes. If final testing goes well, we should be releasing 2.03 in a few days. (Cross your fingers...)


We will announce the release in group chat and here.


Big Griderz Hugz!

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 from Griderz! We have been very busy working on the latest new version of the Griderz Zwicky. Version 2.03 has been in closed beta and we're very close to releasing them into the wild soon... We will announce their release in group notice. Big New Year's Hugz everyone!

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Zwicky 2.01 has been released!

After many months of hard work the newest version of Zwicky have arrived!

Update 2.01 is here and available at our main store at Flyrt.

Upgrading up to 2.01 will take a little work but is well worth it!

I've created a update pack with all the tools needed to transfer your old Zwicky food out of the v1 orbs and into the new v2 orbs...

Bug fixes, code optimization and many new cool features await...

New features include group feed food orbs...

Stat chat control, built into the new v2 Zwicky Orbs...

You only need one Zwicky Orb with Notice On to see stats displayed in owner say, plus you can 'see' when new babies arrive if you enable IM On! With this enabled the stat chat will be sent to your IM allowing you to get birth notices sent to your email address...

Magnets can now call your Zelly Flowers...

Zwicky have seasonal farts ;)

Let's see what else you can find? 

Please share your feature discoveries with the Zwicky community in group chat.

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Zwicky In-World: 9938
Zwicky Male In-World: 1490
Zwicky Female In-World: 8448