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Update 3.00 and Zwicky Secure

It's been almost a month since Zwicky version 3.00 has been released and so far no bad issues have come up,

 If you're using the new Zwicky Secure orb then please let me know if you've had any problems with it?

Personally, I haven't seen any big issues so far but I'm just one person and things always seem to break in global use...


If you notice a bug, please let me or Pat know inworld.

If you love it and it's working great let us know also, we'd love to here from you too!


Thanks and big hugz!


Griderz Luv


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Griderz Zwicky Swag!

Hey we decided to setup a store for the Griderz Zwicky Swag! If you want to order RL items of the Zwickies, also if you like we can do some custom stuff for you if you prefer, ex: you have a picture of your Zwickies and would like on a coffee cup. We'll set it up for you! Just ask and you shall receive!

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Griderz Zwicky - New breedable starter pack

We just released a new starter pack for people who don't want the added expense of the food refill and or want to try out the Zwicky breedables at a very cheap price, the new pack is only 379L$, it comes with 3 Female and 1 Male, 1 Magnet (very useful for sorting the breeds) and 1 Fight Orb. 

Also we'd like to let you know that we're extending the 25% discount on the other 2 starter packs indefinitely, so the prices are as follow, 562L$ for the Zwicky Starter Pack (Normal) and the super starter pack is 1837L$.

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Zwicky Fighting Demo at Griderz island!

Zwicky Fighting Demo Area
We've just setup the Zwicky Fight Demo at our Zwicky Fights area, you can go there with any friends they don't need to own a Zwicky to try it out, or you can even try it if your alone.

You just have to click on the saucers on the ground it will Rez a breedable Zwicky, once theres 2 the fight just begin.

It is really that easy!

Come try it out!

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Zwicky FIGHT! Heres a new API!

We just added a fighting API to the Zwicky! All of you scripters out there, it is now possible to make Add-on to the current Zwicky Fight System!

The only way you can get it is from the vendor we've setup inside the mainstore:


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Zwicky In-World: 9946
Zwicky Male In-World: 1491
Zwicky Female In-World: 8455