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Something Spooky!

Creeping through the galaxy looking for a nice place to haunt? Yes! The Spooky Zwicky has arrived on earth just in time for your Happy Halloween!

From now until a few days after Halloween all baby Zwicky will be the special Spooky breed for Halloween 2013!

Breed some, or open a new starter pack for pure bred Spooky babies!

Have a Booootiful Halloween!

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Happy Valentines Day from Griderz!

The Special Luv Zwicky have arrived for Valentines Day!


From now until about the 17th of February all Zwicky born will be Luv Zwicky!

Check them out at our new main store ->


Big Griderz Luv Hugz!

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Griderz want to wish you happy halloween!!

We really hope you guys going to have a blast for Halloween this year!


We just prepared a new skin for the occasion, it is the Candy skin, it is only for a limited time, if your Zwicky give birth between now and the 9th of November you'll get this special skin.


You don't have to do anything special, it is already in place!


Have fun and don't spook yourself too hard ;-)

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Happy Holidays!

I want to wish you a merry xmas to everyone who followed us through the year, its been alot of fun, alot of joyful experience and alot of memorable moments here in SL with all of you guys! 

We're releasing a new breed just for the holiday season, in order to get it, well u have to breed your existing Zwicky and SURPRISE! This new breed is called ICE and is for a limited time only! It's starting on the 21st of December as the winter just began and should end after the holidays. 

Enjoy!! <3 

Remember to stay safe through the holidays.. we really want to hear from all of you after the holidays!

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The Halloween is now!

We have discovered a new breed of Zwicky, they come from the Pumpkin planet! 

Today and tomorow every new Zwicky on the grid will be of the Pumpkin breed, starter packs or new born! These are a limited edition of the Zwicky, if your lucky enought to find these, they will be a good addition to your Zwicky familly!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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