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2500th Zwicky Inworld!

Congrats to Hawk Birdsong for breaking the 2500th Zwicky barrier! For this milestone Hawk will be receiving 2500L$! Thanks also goes out to everyone who helped us get to this new level!

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2000th Zwicky Creature Milestone!

Congrats to Sweetheart Baskerville for being the owner of the 2000th Zwicky Creature! She will be awarded 2000L$ for this exciting milestone! Thanks to all who have made this possible!

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Griderz Zwicky Swag!

Hey we decided to setup a store for the Griderz Zwicky Swag! If you want to order RL items of the Zwickies, also if you like we can do some custom stuff for you if you prefer, ex: you have a picture of your Zwickies and would like on a coffee cup. We'll set it up for you! Just ask and you shall receive!

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Improvements to the genetics

We are currently working on improving the genetic system, we're soon going to introduce new breeds and provide a better breeding system. We're sure you're going to enjoy the changes once they are live ;-)

Also upcoming soon we're going to add a point system, which will allow you to purchase free goods based on the points you have acquired!

Stay tuned, we're going to update the blog shortly when all this new stuff is ready to go live!

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Congratz to our winners!

We decided to reward both the 1000th and 1001th Zwicky since they are only 7 seconds appart!! Yes it was a race or something :D

Congratz to both of you Brook Demonia and Kitty Moore, we gave them both 1000L$ in cash!

There will be more prizes give away in the near future, stay tuned in the Zwicky chat and on the web for all the info!!

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Zwicky In-World: 8985
Zwicky Male In-World: 1373
Zwicky Female In-World: 7612